Diagnose. Triage. Teach.

Isabel is the only tool that can convert a patient’s signs and symptoms into a list of relevant diseases or triage advice without all the endless questions. Today, the Isabel tools are used in over 90 countries and available in 10 languages.

Isabel Healthcare has been pioneering the use of machine learning for this purpose since the company’s inception in 1999. Inspired by the story of how we started, we are driven by our mission to improve healthcare and empower patients around the world.

These three distinct and extensively validated tools, apply Isabel’s unmatched capabilities to complement clinicians’ diagnosis skills, help patients to get the care they need quickly and clinical learners to develop their clinical reasoning skills.

Isabel Solutions

Isabel DDx Companion
For healthcare professionals

Using just the minimal presenting clinical features, the Isabel DDx Companion enables clinicians to expand their differential and get reassurance in their decision making in under a minute!

Isabel Self-Triage
For healthcare institutions and health platforms

Helps patients access the care they need more quickly.

Isabel Self-Triage asks just 11 standard questions and takes less than a minute to achieve accurate and reliable standards of triage across an almost infinite range of patient presentations.

Isabel Clinical Educator
For clinical educators and learners

Teaches and assesses reasoning skills in clinical learners.

Isabel Clinical Educator combines reflective case-based learning with our core technology to create this remarkable next generation system.

Platform integrations

At Isabel Healthcare, we believe that everyone should have access to our technology, so we’ve made our comprehensive API available since 2010. It’s exceptionally easy to use and has helped support the creation of some truly ground breaking tools that are changing the face of healthcare.

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