Isabel Clinical Educator: Improving students’ clinical reasoning and diagnostic skills

A next generation tool that can teach and assess students of all levels.

A Clinical Reasoning Platform that drives real-life learning

The Isabel Clinical Educator offers a radical new approach to teaching and assessing clinical reasoning skills.

Combining our DDx Companion with reflective case-based learning and evidence-based tools, the Clinical Educator can test students’ thinking by creating a virtual experience that reflects real-life clinical practice.

The core library of cases has been structured around the new MLA/MLE requirements but coupled with the many unique capabilities available in the system, will additionally provide students with the skills needed to improve their situational awareness and prescribing skills.

A proven teaching resource

Isabel Clinical Educator began life as a collaboration between Dr Rakesh Patel at Nottingham University and Isabel Healthcare in 2018. Dr Patel had pioneered the teaching philosophy of reflective thinking and developed a platform called EPIFFANY in 2014 to apply these methods.

Combining EPIFFANY’s teaching philosophy with Isabel’s DDx Companion tool, the Clinical Educator is a completely new teaching platform that has been trialled by some of the largest and most prestigious undergraduate schools and pioneers in the teaching of clinical reasoning.

Platform structure

The platform can be tailored to a university’s particular method of teaching clinical reasoning and includes a core library of over 120 cases mapped to the UK MLA and US MLE case presentations.

Cases can be made more complex by introducing distractions, reflecting a variety of real-life interruptions, or by more detailed questions around the ranking of diagnoses and reasoning for investigations.

The platform also enables hospitals to provide bespoke teaching support and education to a widely dispersed and disparate workforce of doctors or non-medical prescribers.

Learn how Isabel Clinical Educator improves DDx accuracy for students and residents.

James Carlson, PhD, PA-C, CHSE
Vice President of Interprofessional Education and Simulation
Rosalind Franklin Medical University

Delivering benefits: within the classroom & for the institution

Isabel’s Clinical Educator provides faculty with feedback data that gives unparalleled insights into their students’ performance, analysing how individuals compare to their peers and perform under increasing stress. It can identify struggling students and greatly improve remediation, ultimately helping with practice placement.

It also enables teachers to vastly broaden the range of cases their students can see when compared to those they would be exposed to in clinical practice.

The data collected as a by-product of students using the platform can also assist with accreditation and be used for research.

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