Institutional Pricing

As a social enterprise company with a mission to improve healthcare around the world, we price our products as competitively as possible to encourage their use while providing the company with sufficient funds to keep investing to ensure our solutions remain both cutting edge and reliable.

We love to see our tools making a real difference to patients’ lives - after all, this is why we started - so we provide support both during your implementation and long after you go live.

Isabel Pro

Isabel DDx Companion

The Isabel DDx Companion is priced on an annual subscription basis depending on the size of your organization, determined by annual in-patient admissions or number of users. Please contact us to discuss the options.

We have deliberately made sure there are no hidden costs when subscribing to the Isabel DDx Companion. Our fees include account set-up and customization, initial and ongoing training, awareness tools, basic integrations, and ongoing support. This approach allows us and our partner organizations to focus on maximizing access and adoption across all your users.

We like to share the lessons learned from implementing Isabel DDx Companion at hundreds of institutions over 20 years. Some hospitals have been using Isabel DDx Companion for over 18 years!

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Isabel Pro

Isabel Self-Triage

Isabel Self-Triage can be implemented using Isabel’s customisable user interface or you can build it into your own system using our API. We offer several pricing options which include per use, fixed unlimited use based on size, per member per month, etc. We will work with you to determine the approach that fits your needs and business model. Please contact us to discuss the options.

Our price includes account setup and customization, training materials, advice on design and 2 rounds of validation testing by our team to ensure that your integration is working correctly.

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Isabel Pro

Isabel Clinical Educator

Clinical Educator pricing is based on the number of students at your institution. We price for the platform alone or an additional amount if you would like to use the starter kit of currently 120 cases.

Included in our pricing is training and advice on implementation, help with case creation and modification and help with use of the extensive data available for analysis.

We are currently in the process of working on making Clinical Educator available to individuals on a subscription basis.

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