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Customer Success Stories


Here are just a few examples of our many success stories:

Lakewood Family Medicine – Holland, Michigan


Lakewood Family Medicine (LFM) has used the Isabel tool to solve several tricky patient cases. As Dr. Tim Smith from LFM says, “Isabel provides an avenue to refresh the memory and prompt diagnostic thinking. With one click, Isabel delivers relevant clinical content to educate our doctors and speed the time to diagnosis.”


Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science


The Chicago Medical School at RFUMS has been using the Isabel diagnosis tool as part of its medical curriculum since 2007. RFUMS chose the Isabel tool to help their students learn the diagnostic reasoning process, refine their diagnostic accuracy, and learn about the causes of diagnostic error, including premature closure – a common problem for new physicians.


MacNeal Hospital - Cook County, IL


MacNeal Hospital in Cook County, IL chose Isabel as a solution for their teaching hospital to provide the most innovative diagnosis resource to teach their new doctors. Dr. Chuck Bareis noted, "Physicians and medical staff need Isabel primarily because no one can keep all the information in their heads."


Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital

Maria fareri

Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital (MFCH) at Westchester Medical Center is the advanced care pediatric hospital for New York’s Hudson Valley. Being a major teaching facility the pediatric residents are utilising Isabel in cases where patients are not responding to treatment and use Isabel during case presentation rounds to demonstrate their findings and how they refined their differential diagnosis.