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Few medical systems have received so much media coverage as Isabel. Over the years we have been featured several times in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Times to name just a few high impact publications. Explore our past media coverage.

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Nov 2018, HCA News

Finding mHealth Apps that Doctors Can Trust

It may be hard to imagine a time when prescribing a mobile health (mHealth) app for patients is as common as writing a script for an antibiotic or statin, but if the quality...

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Sep 2015, US News

Going Digital

WHEN PRESIDENT GEORGE W. Bush issued an executive order in April 2004 to establish the office of the national coordinator for health IT, he had a clear vision in mind: To create...

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Jan 2015, Proto

Doctors in the Machine

IN THE SPRING OF 1999, a financial analyst named Jason Maude took his three-year-old daughter Isabel to the hospital. She had chicken pox, and was listless and feverish; doctors...

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Oct 2014, Mail Online

Parents of girl ravaged by flesh-eating bug decide NOT to sue hospital that failed to treat her, but instead invent online symptom checker to prevent other doctors missing deadly infection

It is among the most common of childhood illnesses, causing a tell-tale red, itchy rash and tiny blisters. But when Isabel Maude caught chicken pox at the age of three, her parents...

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Sep 2014, BBC Radio 2

Jason Maude interviewed on the BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo Drivetime


Sep 2014, BBC Radio

Jason Maude interviewed on BBC Hereford and Worcester Elliot Webb


Sep 2014, Mail Online

What do YOUR symptoms mean? New online 'calculator' tells you which conditions you're most likely to be suffering from

We've all had those niggling symptoms such as tiredness or pain that won't go away. And many of them could be a sign of any number of conditions. For example, while a dodgy stomach...

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Nov 2013, ACP Internist

Patients increasingly checking ‘Dr. Google’

As a family physician who has used an electronic medical record for 12 years, Gary Bevill, MD, sees himself as open to new technological advances. But the advent of Internet tools...

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Jul 2013, The Wall Street Journal

A Better Online Diagnosis Before the Doctor Visit

When Rick Ramirez started experiencing sharp pains in his back and legs last year, a doctor was unable to find the cause. But as the pain continued, the 27­year­old Utah brokerage­firm staffer...


Apr 2013, Journal for Patient Compliance

Symptom Checker – The Pivotal Tool for Patient Engagement

Quality healthcare outcomes depend upon patients’ adherence to recommended treatment regimens. Patient non-adherence can be a pervasive threat to health...

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Mar 2013, Mail Online

How to avoid misdiagnosis: The online 'doctor' even GPs swear by

Businesswoman Tracy Posner was never a regular visitor to the GP. In fact, she only ever went to the surgery for routine appointments such as her children’s...

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Feb 2013, Verywell.com

How to Diagnose Yourself Using the Internet

A majority of us turn to the Internet for health-related information. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2014, 87 percent of American adults had access to the Internet, and...

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Dec 2012, New York Times

For Second Opinion, Consult a Computer?

The man on stage had his audience of 600 mesmerized. Over the course of 45 minutes, the tension grew. Finally, the moment of truth arrived, and the room was silent...

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Oct 2012, Mail Online

A third of patients say their GPs are so rushed they are worried they will be misdiagnosed

For most patients the GP is their first port of call when they fall ill. But a survey has revealed one in three think their local doctors are now so busy that they could...

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Jun 2010, Chicago Hospital News

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science Equips Students with Computerized Diagnosis System

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS) is the first medical school in Illinois and one of the first in the nation to provide its students...


Jan 2009, Hudson Valley Business Journal

Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital has ‘Isabel’ diagnostic technology

Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center is the first children’s hospital in New York State to provide pediatric specialists with an additional resource...


Sep 2008, South Florida Business Journal

Miami Children’s pioneers use of new diagnostic tool in Florida

Hospitals are places where even the smallest margin for error is unacceptable, so Miami Children’s Hospital has added a program to help its doctors up with a virtual medical library...

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Sep 2007, The Sun

Isabel will tell what ails you

Ever been to the doctor and wondered if you were given the wrong diagnosis? It's not just your imagination. One in six people has been misdiagnosed, according to health...

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Aug 2007, Highland Community News

Isabel to the rescue

When Isabel Maude was 3 years old, she was taken to the hospital, suffering from a serious fever. The doctors who...


Jun 2007, For The Record

Detecting Diagnostic Errors: Have You ‘Isabeled’ It?

What types of medical mistakes occur more frequently—medication or diagnostic errors? Given all the media attention, the obvious answer is medication...

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Nov 2006, The Wall Street Journal

Preventing the Tragedy of Misdiagnosis

When she was three years old, Isabel Maude had a worsening fever that was dismissed as complications from chicken pox by the family...


Feb 2006, The New York Times

Why Doctors So Often Get It Wrong

ON a weekend day a few years ago, the parents of a 4-year-old boy from rural Georgia brought him to a children's hospital here in north...

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Feb 2005, Forbes

Remote Controlled Health Care

In 1999, Jason Maude's 3-year-old daughter, Isabel, was rushed to the hospital, desperately ill with complications from chicken pox. Her doctors...

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Jun 2002, Sky News

Parent's invention A Child Life Saver

A new online diagnosis tool has been created to help doctors and nurses accurately diagnose illnesses in children. The launch of the Isabel...

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Jun 2002, BBC News

Website to reduce medical errors

The parents of a English girl who nearly died after doctors failed to diagnose the flesh eating bug have helped to develop technology...

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Jun 2002, The Guardian

Parents' invest in aid to NHS

When Jason and Charlotte Maude's three-year-old daughter Isabel nearly died after doctors failed to diagnose complications from chicken pox, they decided not to sue the NHS...

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Jun 2002, The Daily Telegraph

Parents who did something positive

Today, Times 2 reports on the case of Isabel Maude who, at the age of three, all but died after a misdiagnosis. Despite suffering the high fever and bluish discoloration...

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Apr 2001, The Times

Innovators not victims

Today, Times 2 reports on the case of Isabel Maude who, at the age of three, all but died after a misdiagnosis. Despite suffering the high fever and bluish...

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Apr 2001, The Times

Internet Saviour

I met Jason and Charlotte Maude in the summer of 1999, in the most unthinkable of circumstances. Their three-year-old daughter, Isabel, lay close to death in St Mary’s...

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