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Isabel can increase clinicians' clinical reasoning skills

Several medical schools in the USA have carried out randomised control trials showing how the use of Isabel can increase both individual clinician’s and medical team’s diagnostic accuracy by as much as 33%. These have important implications for workforce development and demonstrate how Isabel is a practical tool to increase the skills of your own clinical teams.

Patient Perspectives on the Usefulness of an Artificial Intelligence–Assisted Symptom Checker: Cross-Sectional Survey Study

Patients are increasingly seeking Web-based symptom checkers to obtain diagnoses. However, little is known about the characteristics of the patients who use these resources, their rationale for use, and whether they find them accurate and useful.

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Isabel to the Rescue! (Poster presented at SHM & ACP)

The ability to accurately estimate probability to make a diagnosis is one of the most important qualities of a good physician. Differential diagnosis generators may be helpful in creating more accurate differential diagnosis...


Evaluation of first-year medical student use of a diagnostic decision- making resource

The ability to access, appraise, and use information is critical in contemporary medicine. At Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, first-year medical students develop these skills in a medical informatics course...


Does collaboration lead to fewer diagnostic errors

Missed and delayed diagnoses occur with relative frequency and pose a substantial threat to patient safety. Suggested strategies to improve diagnostic accuracy include active reflection through...


Use of Isabel Decision Support to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy Among Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) Students

Patient safety experts have targeted errors in diagnosis as a problem for health care providers. 1 Developing diagnostic skills by using standardized clinical cases is a common...

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The Impact of a Diagnostic Reminder System on Student Clinical Reasoning During Simulated Case Studies

Diagnostic reminder systems (DRS) may help students improve their clinical reasoning skill and gain competency in using informatics tools. This study explored the influence of Isabel PRO, a web-based DRS, on student diagnostic...

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The impact of a web based diagnosis checklist system on specialist referrals from primary care: Results of a survey of General Practitioners

To look at the impact of a web based diagnosis checklist system (Isabel) on referrals for specialist care in a UK primary care setting. It is generally estimated that 30-50% of such referrals are inappropriate leading to inefficient use of specialist...

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The impact on users of a web based diagnosis decision support system.

Isabel, a well-known web based diagnosis decision support system, is used by several hospitals across the USA. Some of these have approved the use of Isabel for CME purposes. In order to earn...

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