Isabel Active Intelligence - Adding Intelligence to your EMR

Isabel AI uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) software to extract key clinical features including lab test results, vital signs and social factors from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) documentation. The key features which have been automatically extracted can then be reviewed and sent to the Isabel diagnosis engine to produce a differential diagnosis for the Clinician within the EMR workflow.


Isabel AI converts relevant information from your patients’ records...

Clinical notes in the EMR contain valuable information that can be used for decision support…but finding those key points can take time. The NLP engine can do the job for you, extracting the pertinent clinical features from lengthy notes and sending them straight to Isabel DDx generator…. all within seconds!


...into reliable intelligence you can use

The differential list is generated and can be framed within an EMR or embedded completely using the Isabel API. This puts the power of the differential produced by Isabel into the workflow of the physician with minimal interaction.


Each diagnosis is linked to evidence based content

Each diagnosis within the Isabel differential links directly to evidence based reference content thereby mobilizing knowledge for the clinician in their EMR workflow where and when they make decisions on testing and treatment. The knowledge platform can be customized for your institution to take advantage of reference resources already purchased.