Clinical Educator - teach and assess clinical reasoning skills

Supporting medical students learn and hone their clinical reasoning skills using the Isabel DDx generator.

Clinical Reasoning training with virtual cases

The Isabel Clinical Educator (“Isabel CE”) offers a radical new approach to medical learning, combining the Isabel DDx Generator with patient cases to provide a powerful platform for learning and honing clinical thinking skills.

“ I’m so glad we have Isabel, it has really assisted me to think outside the box... I utilize Isabel in clinic regularly and the preceptor is impressed with the differentials I am able to offer during case presentation.”
-Primary Care NP student, Madonna University, MI

Integrate Your Case Studies

Students can select from a variety of clinical case studies, provided by their institution. They can enter their initial thoughts about the differential, tests and management plan. The after reviewing the results provided by the Isabel DDx Generator they can rethink their answers.

Broaden Your Student's Differential Diagnosis

By using Isabel Clinical Educator, the student is able to think through the important clinical features and consider a broader range of possibilities for their differential.

Download the White Paper

Download our White Paper to learn how DDx Generators can help improve the clinical reasoning process, and why it is so important to do so.

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